Friday, February 24, 2006

Here's the design of the cover of Kichi in Jungle Jeopardy! Posted by Picasa

Kichi comin' along!

I've signed off on the illustration proofs for Kichi, so the time is nearing for it to come out. I'm really excited because it's a great story and it was technically the first big illustration job for me, even though LBKF came out first.

I hung up with Miriam when she called to hire me for Kichi, and I remember walking into the living room, and going, "Wait, did I just get a book deal?!" I was Miss Phone Courtesy and hadn't really absorbed what had just happened. I think my Dad must have felt much like I did when he finally got a hole in one (before he got his second hole in one in the same round, oh yeah, he did!). It was just such a freakin' relief! I knew there was a lot of work ahead of me, contracts, proofs, deadlines... but for a blessed few minutes I was walking on air. Nothing can really match that feeling. Even when LBKF came out, I was ecstatic but I'd already signed on for Kichi, and that first initial realization that I'd made it, crossed a finish line that was years in running for... that was a special feeling, and I carry part of it with me all the time now.

I even think it's special that I got the news when I was alone in the house. Sure my happy dance would have amused the hubby, but in a way I needed that time for myself. If anyone had been around, I would have their reaction joining mine, and maybe I would have tried to act differently. So I'm glad the lizards saw me jumping up and down... pet lizards tell no tales. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

working more on manga, and I'm liking the progress so far... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

been playing with coloring manga... think I'm making progress... All this Manga work should also help out my fantasy work, which I still love to do personally. In this HIGHLY stylized verion of myself, I do have two sugar gliders in my pocket. This is also Mike's valentine card, heh heh! Posted by Picasa

Got a new bag of goodies!

Broke down and bought a friggin huge photoshop book full of all kinds of visual goodies. Recipes for lots of visual effects, and frankly, I'd forgotton what a lot of the bells and whistles did. Hopefully it will oil the gears on my digital painting for the manga.

It's like a big recipe book and I want to bake a batch of kickin' manga! :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Here is my little namesake! Jolene was doing the total bedrest routine, but the new mom of a daughter now and older son Wilson is home now and the her mom is taking care of her. Way to go lil' ADPi Sis! Posted by Picasa