Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet 'n Greet with Teachers

These are the 2 sides of a three-folded brochure I made for the event on Friday (the bottom is the outside with the far right the "cover"). Hopefully you can click on the images and see what they say. The event went well, and I hope to hear back from some teachers. I do like talking to kids about what I'm doing, since I had to learn on the go. It makes sense since the books are for them, so why not tell them about how they're made?

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Studio

Jim Henson's Fantastic World

This is an imperfect scan of a collage I did of our trip to the Muppet exhibit at the Arkansas Art Center. It was AMAZING! Part of that may be the nostalgia I have for the Muppets, but it's also a professional awe for a man who did so much to bring out the child in adults and kids alike. The Quote I had to whip out my sketch book and write down is this:
I don't know exactly where ideas come from... It's just a matter of us figuring out how to receive the ideas waiting to be heard.
-Jim Henson
The drawings shown our my sketches of his sketches, and that cracks me up! Mike, Ryan and me had a blast.

The Big Sis

Thought I'd share this on my baby bro's birthday! Hysterical, no? Now, it's been a few years, so the details are fuzzy... Ryan's crying and I appear to be holding a switch! Coincidence? And why do I look so put out if I did whack him with the twig? Not macho enough, there, Ryan? heehehhehhe! Love ya, bro!

Bro's Birthday!

Ryan, or Spencer Ryan going by his stage name, is another year older. He scored mundo points for finding out and telling Mike and I about the Jim Henson art exhibit at the Arkansas Art Center, and we three all went and checked it out last weekend.

So Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Man's best friend!

Birthday photos!

(click on the image to see it enlarged, he's even cuter!) This was a small celebration today. Enzo got two birthday biscuits from the gourmet doggie bakery down the street. He also got a gorilla squeaky, a red backpack for trails this fall, and a life vest for going out on the lake this weekend with my folks up in Arkansas. He loved his presents and the attention, and new somehow what we were unwrapping was all for him. At 18.3 pounds, he's a real armful of love!

Enzo is 1!

I had to do a watercolor of Enzo and the party I'd love to have thrown him. From Left to Right, that is Georgia (not Twosers as a ghost!) a Korean Jindo dog who Jill would dogsit and Enzo would torment (she'd growl and play with Enzo at the same time, really funny). Next is Ladka, the pomeranian and then Kicki and Buddy, Jill's two Italian Greyhounds (Kicki is holding an old fashion ear trumpet because Jill thinks she's gone deaf). My parents two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Elle and Lucy, are next after Enzo, and then I had to have party pooper, so Ryan's cat Franklin crashed it!