Thursday, July 26, 2007

faun dancing in the woods

Well, this faun's had several lives, first pencil, then colored pencil, then digital. I like the silkscreen look of this and will have to keep playing with it. Hopefully I'll have a few more fantasy pieces to add when I update the website.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp Lizard

Finishing up Camp Lizard, and this is the Author Picture for me. I like the roughness of it, looks more personal.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Summer Vacation 2007

(click on to enlarge) So here's the collage I made of our trip to California. We saw Disneyland, the Getty, the San Diego Zoo, the inside of lots or great eateries, our family, and even more food! *Note: Caricatures are not true to life! hehehe!

Our Summer Vacation: Star Watching

Got to see Ryan, my brother the actor, in LA after we went through the Getty. He took us to a great pub and then out to a cool bar called the Golden Gopher. He had great stories about the city and movies. We had fun being his entourage for a night :)

Our Summer Vacation: Tink's a dude!

So we were walking around Disneyland about the time of the fireworks display, and Tinkerbell comes zipping down the cable in front of the castle. We were walking through the crowd and someone said, "Hey, they're using the dude Tinkerbell tonight." Apparently, so the people in the cheap seats can see, Tink needs to be a little more stocky than one would think!

Our Summer Vacation: Hillcrest

Ok, so why is there a giraffe in drag? Well, while walking to the restaurant in Hillcrest, an artsy part of San Diego, we passed a homeless transvestite eating a hotdog and holding a knock off Louis Vuitton handbag. Classic! Also that piece of pie was evil and decadent, chocolate mousse and creamy icing and, hand to God, orchid flowers for decoration on top!

Our Summer Vacation: Finding Nemo

The other times we've been to Disneyland, the submarine ride had been shut down. Not this year! It's back now as a Finding Nemo ride, and the wait during the day was like over 2 hours (yikes!). We love the movie and we had to ride this thing, so we formed a strategy. We got in line right before the park closed because we asked and they will finish the line before shutting it off. We only waited a little over an hour, and it was worth it! I don't know how they projected the images, but peering through the portholes, it looked like Nemo and friends were really swimming in the water in front of you. Very cool!

Our Summer Vacation: We saw Seals!

We went sailing on Tom's knock-about sailboat and saw seals hopping on and off the red buoy. Lauren told me several times on the trip that pelicans "smell kind of funny."

Our Summer Vacation: Lauren and Will

Here's Lauren losing her shoe so her prince will chase her down and see if it fits! Will behind them I remembered was infatuated with the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. And a Dutch Baby is a glorious specialty breakfast item that takes 45 min. to prepare and worth it x3!

Our Summer Vacation: Me and Mike

So I started doodling images from our trip, and it turned into a bigger collage of drawings. I rediscovered prismacolor pencils (which I'll write on later, heehee). So this is a caricature of Mike and I, me with my Pirates of the Caribbean Mouse ears, and Mike with his fancy camera. Mike has about 80 various Golf related baseball caps. I haven't gone back to check if this hat I drew actually exists or not.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Show

This year for my summer Art Show, I'm going to frame some watercolors of my San Diego Zoo trip. I did some "live" drawing and painting on site, and Mike took some wonderful photos with his digital SLR camera. I think I may be able to find some patrons for these, and I enjoyed painting them. For my own personal show I do try to find something I really like to work on, since the rest of the year I may be obligated to work on other projects not exactly of my choosing. So, I can't go wrong with the Zoo!

Monday, July 02, 2007

California Trip!

Haven't had time to get our pictures downloaded, but Mom and Dad 2 sent this one, and I hadn't blogged in so long, I felt something needed to go up. We had a great time, and Lauren and Will are the cutest niece and nephew to be found (IMHO)!