Saturday, August 07, 2010

Celtic Snakes

Ok, so last reptile expo I did I just had art, and it was all pretty realistic, drawn from nature kind of art, and I broke even (and had a lot of fun). This year I'll have my Camp Lizard book, so I hope to do much better, but I'm also doing some different art... like this Celtic knot of common pet snakes (milksnake, kingsnake, and cornsnake). I have some other ideas, too, even some "manga" illustrations. Lots of people last time thought of things as they would relate to a cool tattoo, so I'm taking that into consideration, too. It's fun! :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

First Online Art Sale!


These watercolors were done to celebrate Summertime, and were part of a group art show. The show's over and I really would hate to put these in deep storage, so I'm using Facebook to offer them to all my friends and family at a special price!

All the pieces are 5x7" images (already matted and ready for a 8x10 frame) and are each only $25.00 (shipping included) for my facebook friends :)

Shown here are...
  • "Summer is for Sprinklers"
  • "High Dive Anxiety"
  • "Floating Along"
  • "Cannon Ball!"
If you'd like one of these fun watercolors to commemorate this summer, just email me at to arrange for payment and delivery.

If you like one of these, but, say, you'd like your own kid in it, I can also do a special commission.

Hope everyone's having a happy summer and staying cool! Feel free to comment, too, I always like hearing from the public!