Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greening up the flower beds

Well, we're trying to beautify our flower beds, so we added some sage, oleander, laurell, red yucca, and some baby aloe plants that Jill sent me home with (she has a very productive aloe at her place). Hopefully we picked the right ones!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Dedicated Pets Blog

I've started a new dedicated Pets blog called Pet-a-Palooza that I hope ya'll will want to check out. I just have too much I want to post here about my pets, so I'm diversifying. I'm also going to invite friends and family to be contributor, so we can all brag on our pets. I'll try to have reoccurring features like "Pic of the Week" and "Doodle of the Month" so bookmark it and drop in now and then (I'll try to make it interesting!). If you go there now, you can get a rarely seen roll call with all the pet's names, species and countries of origin.

Hope to see ya there!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lemur Silkscreen Doodle

A digital doodle, if you will. I did the pen drawing last Friday at the zoo, then played with dropping in flat colors like a silkscreen... much cleaner this way :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

close up of Gordon

I like this one because the male cordon blue is looking at me (we've named him Gordon for Gordon Ramsay with the whole Cordon Blue culinary school). This also shows the nice lushness I made with some silk and some real plants. Some I'll take out once they feel safe in their environment so they'll have some more flight room. I love the internet, I found a lot of useful info there (

The Finch Connection

A long time ago, I had two little zebra finches. They were great fun, even made a nest in my drapes when I let them out for a little constitutional stroll from their little cage. Funny enough, the Whites tree frogs got me in the mood to have them again with their nightly short calling session. So I'm putting the poison dart frogs on hold (their terrarium is growing nicely in the meantime), and since it's me, no store bought bird cage would do, so I made a "floating aviary" out of egg crate panels, plexiglass, some modular wire shelving and about a million zip ties. It's hanging in the bay window above brisby. This is their summer cottage, I'll be making a winter lodge that will go over the fireplace and be warmer in the cold months.

So far we have 2 spice finches (the white/tan/brown ones), 2 spice finches (the speckled ones with dark heads) and 2 cordon blue waxbills.