Monday, April 28, 2008

"Proof" there's a book coming!

Ok, I couldn't help it! My Dad's an OBGYN, and I when I got the printer's proof of Camp Lizard, it reminded me of getting an ultrasound. We had to check ever page, like we were counting fingers and toes. Also, it was blue and black as a proof but will be green and black "on delivery" (ultrasounds being black and white, but oh boy, it's colorful later). So it was neat seeing what will be coming out soon. We did have some concerns that we're talking to printer about, but overall I'm ready to take this little bugger home! (and then get it into a good school, har har).

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fan Mail!

It's nice when I get fan mail! This one really picked me up today and I thought I'd share...

Hello Regan!
I just wanted to let you know we just picked up a copy of your book "Little Bunny Kung Fu" from the Wells Branch Library. I read the book to my 4 year old daughter right when we got home and we were both thrilled! She's been hopping around singing "Little Bunny Kung Fu" and doing karate chops ;-) I had to find out more about the author of this wonderful book and I found your webpage. I'm delighted to see that you're a fellow Austinite - something that I suspected when I saw that you had personally signed the book for our beloved Wells Branch Library. I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed this book. We've already ordered our very own copy of "Little Bunny Kung Fu" and we anxiously await another book from you!
(I'm omitting their names for privacy)

Keep on Karate Chopping!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CIP data for Lizard is here!

Oh, boy! We're getting closer, people! For those not in the biz, the publisher sends a manuscript to the Library of Congress to get the official "CIP Data" that books need so that libraries and other folks know how to officially catalog the book. The publisher, it's worth mentioning, has NO idea or say in how they decide to categorize or summarize the book and we can't make any changes to what they decree (apparently some authors would like to tweak here or there).

A funny thing about my books was that it was never in a written out manuscript form, being a graphic novel (comic book). So, fun for me, I got to type everything out in Word so we could submit it... all 100+ pages! All part of the fun, and I like their summary so I'm happy.

Here it is...

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Johnson, Regan, 1975-
Hold on to your tail / written and illustrated by Regan Johnson.
p. cm. -- (Letters from Camp Lizard)
Summary: Leon the Day Gecko writes a letter to his parents describing his first day at summer camp, where he meets diverse lizards from around the world, makes friends with a Frilled Dragon, and learns a secret about his father.
ISBN 978-1-933831-04-6 (pbk.)
1. Graphic novels. [1. Graphic novels. 2. Lizards--Fiction. 3. Camps--Fiction. 4. Toleration--Fiction. 5. Letters--Fiction.] I. Title.
PZ7.7.J643Hol 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ty's Wedding Comic Page 1

(Click on to enlarge!)

Tomorrow I leave for Arkansas to see my best friend growing up get married. For his wedding card, I recreated this fuzzy valentine and I'm putting this 2 page comic inside. This is based on a true story, I really did get Ty a huge furry valentine in first grade. He kept it, too, and teased me all through high school and college (which we went through together, too). This is also an accurate picture of my early non-conformist tendencies in dealing with the opposite sex.

For those former ABSS kids, that's Melissa and Brad Adams on page 2, along with Mandy as my coach :). Hope to see some blasts from my past this weekend!

Ty's Wedding Comic Page 2

(click on to enlarge)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Look!

Hey, you may see new additions and perks on the ole blog here... Now if I can just get it together to update my website!

Lone Ranger Rides Again

I was inspired to make my own cowboy illustration after working on that commission for Whitlee. Something new I tried was working with masking fluid. The bandanna pattern was painted, the white part drawing with a quill pen using the masking stuff, then I painted red over all of it and rubbed off the mask that left the paper white. Now I think I can do more intricate patterns without losing my mind... always a good thing :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Whitlee's Cowgirl

The "Stylistic Chameleon" that I am, I was commissioned to make a watercolor for Whitlee of this cute cowgirl taken from a fabric swatch. My dad could probably date it, being a collector of children's books from the early 30's through 60's. My guess is the 50's. I learn a lot form emulating other artists. For instance I like how the highlights interrupt the shape of things (the hat isn't a solid red). And something about the expression, it's very confident for being a kid... like this girl had been out after curfew a time or two. I find myself wanting to have the same expression :) Yeah, I've painted some things in my time! heehee