Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day and I in honor of my Mom, I thought I'd share a funny story. When I was 8 I got a parakeet named Binky (This watercolor is a parakeet, but it looks like Bonnie - Binky was blue). Mom was so excited for me, she'd wrapped up a box of bird food for me to open at the skating birthday party I'd had. She'd hidden the bird in the guest bathroom in the days before the party. When I got home I was so engrossed with Binky, I checked on him on and off all day and into the evening.

Right before bed I looked under the blanket one last time to see my new pet, and he only had one leg! In true kid fashion, I went crying to my Mommy (even though Dad was a doctor and maybe better qualified for a medical bird emergency!). Mom followed me back to my room and we uncovered Binky's cage and we looked on the bottom of the cage for the missing foot.

And then Binky wokeup and his missing foot came down from under his feathers and looked at us like we'd lost our minds!

We laughed about it, but I always remembered I could go to my Mom when the world doesn't make sense.

Love you, Mom!
(all pet's legs accounted for!)

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