Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In the Box!

Ok, I know this cat girl is borderline cavity inducing cute, but bear with me. The reason I'm posting it is because it's the first totally digital drawing I've made in any program that didn't get deleted about 8 seconds after it's creation. This image wasn't drawn on paper and scanned the way I usually work. I drew this out in Manga Studio, a computer program, and by jove, I could actually draw and work with it. The scary thing is that while going through the tutorial, it said to "draw something," and this came out! I mean, what, am I not catering to my inner cutie patootie or something? So while this little sketch won't be one I brag about, privately I'll be going "Hey, I don't have to delete this!"


Regan said...

Oops, forgot to explain the title of the post "In the Box." Digital art done in the computer is considered in the box, meaning (I guess) the white box that you work inside in the program your running. I typically like to work and think outside the box (slap knee).

Reverie said...

Manga Studio is cool but the over head is pretty thick. I LOVE a little program called Sketchbook Pro. It used to be an Alias product, now I think it is Autodesk. Anyway, I use Painter X for a lot of digital painting work, (again lots of overhead) but for quick, LOW overhead, easy interface, nothing beats Sketchbook. OH...and the most important feature -- the pencils FEEL like pencils!