Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CIP data for Lizard is here!

Oh, boy! We're getting closer, people! For those not in the biz, the publisher sends a manuscript to the Library of Congress to get the official "CIP Data" that books need so that libraries and other folks know how to officially catalog the book. The publisher, it's worth mentioning, has NO idea or say in how they decide to categorize or summarize the book and we can't make any changes to what they decree (apparently some authors would like to tweak here or there).

A funny thing about my books was that it was never in a written out manuscript form, being a graphic novel (comic book). So, fun for me, I got to type everything out in Word so we could submit it... all 100+ pages! All part of the fun, and I like their summary so I'm happy.

Here it is...

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Johnson, Regan, 1975-
Hold on to your tail / written and illustrated by Regan Johnson.
p. cm. -- (Letters from Camp Lizard)
Summary: Leon the Day Gecko writes a letter to his parents describing his first day at summer camp, where he meets diverse lizards from around the world, makes friends with a Frilled Dragon, and learns a secret about his father.
ISBN 978-1-933831-04-6 (pbk.)
1. Graphic novels. [1. Graphic novels. 2. Lizards--Fiction. 3. Camps--Fiction. 4. Toleration--Fiction. 5. Letters--Fiction.] I. Title.
PZ7.7.J643Hol 2008

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