Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Joined a Gym!

Ok, so with the post about the freaking heat, the hubby and I have sent up the white flag and joined a gym. But in the spirit of our electronics buying, it is the BMW of gyms! It's open 24 hours, so surely, even with my insane hours I can make it in there. They sent us a promotional offer that waived a lot of the joining fees, so we're signed up on their uber platinum level, which was all they were sigining people up for. But this way, we get almost all of the otherwise add on things included in our fee (things like classes and fitness tests). Our friends were gold members that got rolled or grandfathered into the platinum, and we've had fun telling them all the free stuff they get now that they were unaware of.

What I didn't expect when we started working out is to have such a noticeable change in my state of mind. I mean, it's like someone put me on Zanex, or something! I guess it's endorphins or released pent up stress. It's scary to think that I could feel this much better without really realizing that I felt so bad before. I also, wrongly, thought you only suffered from stress if you were unhappy about said stress (like you're only a workoholic if you don't enjoy it). This year's been stressful, the good kind of stress, as in I have books under production and coming out soon and the company is making great headway, but there's quite a lot of putting out fires as they pop up.

So while I have physical goals I want to achieve, it's already worth it on a deeper psychological level: work out = no creative burn out!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis, I myself am starting back to the gym this week after taking over 3 months off. I'm having to take baby steps though because my shoulder is still really sensitive from my accident. I totally know what you mean about working out being a great stress reliever, and one other thing I notice that I'm sure you'll see as well is the higher level of energy you get throughout the day. Just remember to stretch, warm up and stay consistent to avoid always being painfully sore after workouts.

p.s. Watching Rocky III is always a good movie choice before you hit the gym. I mean c'mon, does it get better than Eye of the Tiger?