Sunday, August 10, 2008

Austin Reptile and Amphibian Expo!

You know you're way into herps when there's a show and you're not going as an attendee, but a vendor! I was struck with inspiration when I realized Austin was hosting a reptile show and, hey, I have quite a few unsold paintings that could fetch a good price by attendees looking to blow some money on some herpetological stuff. So, I looked into it, and having a table there to sell paintings was very affordable (I sell 1 painting and I've covered it). Plus, it'll be fun for me and Mike. We drove down to a show in San Antonio and came back with Dexter our Hognose snake. This time we want to come home with some cold cash! The image above is my banner that will go up on the site for the show.

Now... who can I get to man the desk with me so I can have potty breaks... c'mon, Jilly! The snakes are all enclosed, and think of the good your raised heart rate will do :) Zach? It's muy macho, you'll feel invigorated afterwards. Rhi? You've got anti-anxiety pills still, right? Pop a few and meet me there!


Jill said...

Ohh I'd love to cover you table for potty and snack breaks. I'm just sad b/c I'm going out of town that weekend and can't help. BUT next time count me in. :-)

Jolene said...

You didn't send a request to me so maybe I'm not "prime herp buddy", but if it means I can get away from my kids (oh, that sounds bad) I would jump at this. A poison snake or frog or an angry alligator would be better than a grumpy 2 year old any day. :)

Regan said...

Funny how poisonous snakes don't cause me pause, yet motherhood still sends shivers down the spine! You've got the more macho job... Oh, but Regan would love a bearded dragon! heeheehee!