Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ego Surgery

How would you show a man's ego getting medically taken out? Here's how I did!

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David Brett said...

Everyone loves to look and feel their best, which is one reason that cosmetic surgery is so popular of late. Most people would think that women are the only ones interested in cosmetic surgery, but in actuality, almost as many men have cosmetic surgery as women.Both men and women struggle with self-esteem issues, and for many, cosmetic surgery is the answer to those problems. The boost they receive often helps them become more successful in other areas of their lives, such as career, marriage, etc. Men report that they feel more comfortable around women after having cosmetic surgery as well.Most men who have cosmetic surgery have one of five main procedures: procedures to prevent or replaced lost hair, chest enlargement, manicures (gasp), sexual organ enlargement, and liposuction.Many men start experiencing hair loss at an early age, and by the time they hit 40-45, are often very self-conscious about the issue. To counteract this problem, they undergo some form of cosmetic surgery, usually in the form of scalp reduction, hair transplants, or flap rotation. The most popular surgery of the three is transplant surgery, due to the quicker recovery time, and the fact that the surgery is less invasive and painful than other options.For more information visit us at:-Yogo Ego.