Thursday, April 21, 2005

And so it begins

Welcome to my blog. You may be fellow bloggers, or friends, or family or someone who stumbled here from one of my galleries; regardless, here you are privy to my secret little thoughts and wanderings. I can't say for sure what you'll uncover, but I can tell you I'll be honest. Art can lie. It can deceive and trick and flatter, and as an artist I've done all those things with art when the occassion called for it. Words can be duplicitous as well, but I can't claim to be a craftsman with words (though sometimes I like using words for flare... words like duplicitous...).

One goal I hope to accomplish for myself, is to have a record of my thoughts that I can match to a work or body of work. Shuffling through my portfolios, I'll come across something that will hit me in the face like a frying pan. "What was I thinking?" and not in the way that's negative necessarily, but sometimes I'd like to be thinking whatever it was again so I could reproduce whatever it was that I like in the resulting artwork. Kind of like someone going through their closet and finding an old pair of leather pants. Oooo, what was I thinking when I bought these? And what the hell made me wear them outside? And if I stop eating for 2 weeks, can I still fit into them? That kind of thing.

So, with some luck, even the non-artistic-type people (hereafter referred to as 'normals') will find something in my observations useful, or humorous, or cautionary depending on my moods. Comments will be relished with delight and eagerly read and commented on. And I hope people will be forgiving of the occasional typo or learning mistakes with using my first blog.

Thanks and enjoy!

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