Friday, April 22, 2005

House Beautification

Spent the better part of today making the home a little more artistically homey. I finished the bedroom mural of scattered bamboo trees and repainted the cabinets we have in there. I also got a little "stained glass painting" kit which basically is a short cut in getting stained glass effects without the cut glass and missing fingers.

I tend to get around to these home improvement projects as family/friends' visits draw near. Can't help it, I just love having things as near to perfect as possible for visitors (at this point we should have some sympathy for Mike who cleans the house whether or not company's coming). This upcoming weekend Mike's parents are coming in to visit us. We have such great visits whenever either family comes in to town, and this will be the first time they see our new house.

I also bought a red geranium, and those who came to our wedding know that red geraniums hold special significance for me. Those red little flowers brought back so many memories of our wedding. And I went to three different green houses to get the right color: not pink, not coral, but fire engine red. They match our red door perfectly, too.

Well, have to get ready for visitors tonight.

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