Friday, October 14, 2005


Invitations to my first signing will be going out soon, and the publisher's going to have 300 books drop shipped to my parent's house. God willing they'll be there in time. There isn't any indication now that they won't, but there is the element of unforseen catastrophe's and I won't feel totally at ease until they're there (Miriam says she perpetually feels like I feel now!).

The proofs looked great, just like the "dummy" book I made. As for the Library of Congress, I'm listed under [1. Rabbits--Fiction. 2. Behavior--Fiction. 3. Animals--Fiction. 4.Kung fu--Fiction. 5. Stories in rhyme.] I'm listed under Kung Fu!!! How cool is that?!

I got to go with the publisher to fedex the proofs. It was right in the middle of five oclock traffic, and I felt like we were rushing to the hospital only we were mailing, not delivering. I watched Miriam initial and sign away on about 8 packets of papers, all of it confirming the end papers, the jacket material, the spine, the pages inside, the colors... there's a lot that goes into making a book.

And the rabbits are underway, but may not be ready for general purchase until early next year. They have to arrive on a boat and that takes like 3 months. We're having a few airmailed just for the book festival, and if there are any left over, I'll try to snag them for my signing maybe as door prizes. We'll see...

I'll also be tackling some publishing marketing. We're targeting 2 hour radius' around places we're from. Schools, libraries, martial art studios, you name it!

Very happy and excited. I'm doing this weird hopping thing when it all hits me at times... must be the "bunny" thing ;)

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Jolene said...

So where can I get order/buy copies? Do we need to preorder them, if so, where?

I am so excited for you! This is so much fun, watching the actual process of the birthing of a book! :)