Monday, October 03, 2005

Two Socks joins the bird hunt in the sky...

Today's a very sad day for me. My dog of 13 years died due to a seizure condition that we tried to improve but couldn't. I'm glad she made one last trip with us to see my parents, but she had not been herself for weeks. She had been remarkably healthy right up till a couple of months ago, and we heard from other husky owners that that's how it is with them: fine and then a quick descent down.

I cried a lot today, but I've been crying inwardly for a while watching her fight her dying mind and body. I really feel like she's free not dead, like her spirit was getting weighed down by the body that wasn't responding.

This was Mike's first dog, and he had her for many good years. I only wish he'd seen her as a puppy. I have so many great memories of her, I wish he'd had as many, too.

So, wherever she is I know she's free to do as she pleases: chase birds, hop on God's couch, and never worry about another thunderstorm.

I'll miss you Twosers!


Anonymous said...

We will miss Two Socks also. When you were off to school Regan, and we got to keep her at home, it was like part of you was still with us. She was very independent and I think that rubbed off on both you and Ryan and made you stronger people. After all she was a Husky. May she forever be dancing with the wolves.
Love, Mom and Dad.

Virginia said...

Well, I thought I was all cried out over this but I just read your dad's comment and, evidently, I'm not thru mourning Two-Socks.

She was the sweetest and best dog! She may not have won any blue ribbons but she was a champion in our eyes. We will all truly miss her.

Love, Mom

Regan said...

Thanks for taking care of her when I was in school. She was so adaptable: Little Rock, Conway, Waco, Savannah, Austin... She was a hardy dog. Today I got the children's book "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant and customized it to make the white dog a husky dog. It's a sweet story about how dog heaven is full of meadows and ponds with geese to chase, and God makes the dogs special biscuits in the shapes of squirrels and cats. I know it's to help kids deal with a pet loss, but it was such a sweet encouraging book I had to get it.

Place seems empty without her. It thundered this afternoon and I automatically thought about if Two Socks heard it, then I remembered wherever she is now thunder doesn't phase her.

Life just carries on and on...

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry to hear of Two Socks passing. She was very beautiful and I have seen many of your drawings where she inspired you. You'll always have her with you.

My little dog, Minnie, is eleven years old and I worry for her everyday. She has some respiratory problems due to allergies...when they pick cotton or wheat..etc. around here it flares up. But overall vet says she is doing good for her age.
Hope you are doing ok...take care.

Jolene said...

Regan, I am so sorry about Two. I can't imagine one of you without the other.