Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Someone's stolen "me"

Well, thank goodness I'm popular enough on the internet that someone alerted me that someone else was posing as me:

Ya, I didn't start that site, and that's not me replying to people's comments (which are nice, by the way).

Now before people start taking up pitchforks, they aren't making any money off my work. I think it's more of a geeky fan kind of thing. They wanted to be in the deviant art community and probably had no artistic talent so they borrowed mine. I've alerted the administrator and as long as they yank it immediately, then we can all have ourselves a chuckle over it.

The person got my artwork from my Epilogue site, I can tell because of what I wrote is what he or she copied. I don't have time for non business related sites like Epilogue and this deviantart, though they help me in a google search. But I've always said the internet is like the wild west, and if you really don't want someone to "borrow" something, then don't put it online. This is relatively harmless, and the person more or less is using my words, and even my name. If this was an intern of mine, I probably wouldn't mind!

I have this funny scenario of some random big art director who finds the deviantart Regan Johnson and wants to do a 10 book cover deal of something. (this would never happen as it's not that kind of site). Hell, it would be fun if I could email this person and pose as someone important just make them sweat. What would he/she reply? "Oh, um... yeah, I got out of the illustration racket... er, a few years ago... yeah, too much fame and money, so... I'm just like, um, doing it for fun."

I bizarre kind of flattery, I suppose, huh?

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Jolene said...

I wonder if this is the same person who is trying to sell an autographed 1st edition of Little Bunny Kung Fu online for over $100. That would be sort of funny too - except they would be pocketing that, so maybe it's not so funny...

Are you sure you don't want to get the pitchforks?