Saturday, June 24, 2006

Virginia 2007!

That probably got my mom's attention (sorry!), but I was invited to participate in a 3-man show in an art gallery in Virginia next summer.

So... Roadtrip!

Yes, it's nice that my artwork will see parts of the country their maker was too busy to go explore.
I have work in Plano right now, which I hope to drive up and see next weekend if we have time. It does feel a little strange, like I mailed off a part of myself, and people are milling around the gallery space, checking out my kneecaps, or my kidney, or my fingernail.

But then I don't feel weird that part of me is now infiltrated people's houses, either hanging on the wall or on the bookshelf.

Maybe it's the part where people come to see the artwork and I'm not there to add commentary. I dunno, but it's a neat-weird feeling. Like eating sushi, I could get to like it alot.

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