Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Witnessed a crash this morning

On my way to work I came up to the top of this huge hill I go down in the morning and had to slam on the brakes suddenly. In the middle of the hill, two cars were strewn out over both sides of traffic, and the truck was on fire. Not smoking, not overheating, I mean orange flames shooting out of the front of the car, the hood was knocked off. People were pulling over and running out of the car. It probably happend a minute before I got to there. No cops, no ambulence, just people trying to help people out of the two cars, the non truck looked like Godzilla had stepped on it. I came home and looked up the news article and it chilled my blood...

Two vehicles crashed head-on on FM 2222 at McNeil Drive Tuesday morning.

The accident killed James Wesley Estes, 53, dead.

Witnesses say an eastbound Mercedes made an abrupt lane change and forced Estes' car into oncoming traffic where it was hit head on by a truck. The accident had traffic closed in both directions until 10:20 a.m.

Estes was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the pickup was taken to Brackenridge Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Mercedes was not damaged and did not stop.

Police are looking for that vehicle.

"Since the driver of the vehicle didn't stop, we don't know what the driver was thinking. The information that we [have] is according to the witnesses who saw the Mercedes attempt to pull into the inside lane," Toni Chovanetz of the Austin Police Department said.

The only description of the Mercedes is a silver 2006 model.

Three other vehicles were also involved but the drivers were not hurt.

Ok, so I drove past the silver mercedes, most likely, coming in the opposite direction I was driving, because there aren't any roads he would've turned off on on 2222. I want to say I can't believe that he drove off, but no, I have to say it is totally believable. Some person driving a luxury car figures he/she's better than those around them, and when the crash happens, do they have the moral integrity to try to help pull someone out of burning car, if it means facing the music? The answer's: *squealing tires and a puff of smoke.*

I was really moved watching people running, not walking, not trying to dial their cell phones for professionals, they were hauling ass up the hill to help total strangers, one guy even had a fire extinguisher (where did he have that, the glove box?!). I called 911, but they'd been notified. That made me proud to see Americans rushing to help each other. And it sickens me that another American kept going up the hill, and that hill's huge, so they saw it happen in their rearview mirror and just kept going.

Well, I have a new hobby on my way to work from now on. I'm calling in every silver mercedes I see heading west on FM 2222. It'll be like Where's Waldo, only I hope they charge Waldo with manslaughter and haul his butt in jail.

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dawnrezler@yahoo.com said...

Saw your story on the blog. We live off 2222 and were sickened by this story. Heard the police interviewed the Mercedes driver. Where is the justice? No charges? No more information? Cannot believe developers are looking to add more homes and shopping on that hillside. Be safe out there