Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I can Knit!

I don't think this counts as cruelty to animals, but he's looking at me like, "Moooo-oooom!" This wasn't based on a pattern, it was sort of a learning piece. I made a "shrug" or one big sleeve that wraps around him, using an alternating "stockinette" stitch. I then knitted a wrap around scarf that makes a collar around the neck then circles in front then tucks under itself. I let it be a little roomy knowing next time it was actually cold he'd be bigger.

I enjoy knitting, it sort of took the edge off of all the stuff I had going on this month. I took it to work and knitted on my breaks. I want to get good enough to do a sweater for Enzo and a matching hat and scarf for me. Lookout neighborhood!

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