Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, my allergies blew up into a sinus infection and I spent the better part of yesterday feeling like I was in some kind of mad scientist experiment. I've never before had "chills" but I did yesterday. I could not get warm. I was wearing a shirt, a fleece pullover and flanel pjs, a heating pad and flanel sheets and I was still shivering. I thought I felt feverish, and I took some medicine and about halfway today I felt things start to break loose and I feel better. I don't think I had sinus problems till I moved here to Austin. My nasal passages were clear the whole time, but my sinus cavities and throat were on fire and I had a bad headache in the middle of my head. About 4 days ago I had a constant runny nose but I thought it was from moving things around and kicking up dust. Wish I'd known that it would turn into a full out horrible sinus infection.

You don't appreciate how good 'normal' feels until you have a day like yesterday. Yeesh...

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