Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lost and Found

Here's a little digital piece I did to help fill out my manga body of work. It's the typical manga schoolgirl who's found her lost cat that she had been putting flyers out for.

She has several conventional manga-esque features: Big but not too big sparkly eyes, flowing hair, the sailorish uniform, the pink legwarmers (I did have a pair back in the 80s but they're still big in Japan), and the kitty has button type eyes. It's done in a cell type painting, and reminds me of when I painted disney cells. I used my new drawing tablet which is working out great.

And the other thing I do like about manga, is that it is where the pin-up girl lives on. I always liked the Vargas girl, and the Petty girls from the 40s because while they were eye candy and buxom and all, there was still something innocent and funny about them. Like, whoops I'm baking cookies and I'm only wearing an apron, how did that happen? And while in manga stories the female characters usually have some depth to them, there are still some single image art that is for people to admire and gush over. I mean, no human woman could come close to anatomically resembling a manga cutie, but that's not the point. I would argue that it celebrates femininity and should be enjoyed as such.

And now I will dodge the tomatoes from the empowered women now reading this!

Sorry, they're fun to make!!!

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