Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Life's hard on the little creatures..."

That's a quote from Raising Arizona. I thought of that when my parents told me that their little puppy died from a whatsit I can't spell, but more or less a birth defect.

I mean, really. What kind of a world lets cute Cavalier King Charlse Spaniel puppies die, I can't help but wonder. Yes, we just went nuclear on the ants in our kitchen, and the chicken I had for lunch was once a yellow fuzzy cutie... but puppies? No freakin' way. They should be indestructable, cars should bounce off them because of their universal force field of protection. Yes, when they grow to be good or bad adult dogs it's back to doggie-beware, but puppies should get a pass on the whole death thing.

Oh well, I guess there's gotta be puppies in heaven, but I'm sorry my folks had to see him go. I think someone should suggest the whole indestructable puppy thing to someone upstairs... just a trial balloon... send it up see what happens...


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