Monday, April 17, 2006

Oooooh, I'm gonna get in trouble! Jill and Zack, friends from college days, have moved back to town and I had to dig up embarassing photos to herald their return. Disclaimer to family: No, I don't smoke, it was a prop for the photo, honest! See, it's unlit! And ABFAB, short for Absolutely Fabulous, remains one of my favorite British shows featuring ill behaved posh women. Welcome back you two! (oh, she's gonna kill me!) Posted by Picasa


Jolene said...

Jill is going to KILL you. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You left out the picture where you had the pancake mix on the table! :)

Regan said...

Yes, and the one with the antibiotics strewn over the table! I'm surprised the men in blue weren't at Walgreens when I picked up that roll of film!

Fortunately, Jolene, you know why I can't post the pictures I have of our photographic shenannigans (and why Ty Henry can never run for office) :)

Jolene said...

If he does run for office you could probably make some money by selling those to a paper. I have one of those framed in my house and no one ever says anything about it. They probably have no idea it's me!

You all are too funny!