Friday, April 14, 2006

This is a digital piece I did of the Japanese goddess Ko No Hana, who is the goddess of the cherry blossom (which is a big deal in Japan). I chose to go to the themed costume party as her, and at some point I'll post some pictures of me. Posted by Picasa


LLB said...

Nice Work! Love that half of her is see-through. I also wanted to comment that I too experience the MEH stage. Visit my blog and maybe we can encourage each other in the future. I'm putting a link to your site on mine. I love to network with "real" artists, even though I'm just a beginner.

LLB said...

Oh my goodness! I just accidentally ran across your blog, put your links on my blog, and then followed the second link to your actual website. Once again, Oh my goodness! I had no idea how professional you really were/are! I could tell you had tremendous talent from your blog illustrations, but once I got to your website, I was blown away! You, my dear, are a one-woman phenomenon! Awesome! If you want me to take your links OFF my little po-dunk site, I understand!

Anonymous said...

I adore this piece! Is this your
original idea? It's awesome and so unique. I'm blown away!