Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, America...now wake up and blow out your candles!

I love America.

One reason is all my stuff's there. All my family, and most of my friends are American, if not my car, the creators of most of the music I listen to, and my favorite foods (sushi, samosas, pizzas). My Dad, bless his "Griswold" heart, dragged his beloved family all over the US, and I've seen mind blowing beauty. National parks, big cities, the house of mud... all of it left me with an enduring love for my country that no politics can touch.

But when I think of the country, as a whole entity, I feel like we're sort of nodding off. Asleep at the wheel, catching 40 winks... Seems like maybe the country thinks, "For cryin' out loud, we built the railroad, invented everything, went to the moon... isn't that 'great' enough? Can't I catch a nap here?"

I guess what I'm saying is that what made this country great won't keep it great.

If I asked the kids I see what would make them great, I'm pretty sure I'd get:

"To win American Idol!"

"To be the #1 draft pick."

"To be rich."


I know there are better ways to be great as a country that will leave a more lasting impact on the world then spitting out American Idols every 8 weeks (sorry those who tune it to that, but it's just an example of an overall attitude).

And given the big divide in political opinions, we're also a bit bipolar as a country, too. As the country blows out it's candles tonight, I hope it wishes for better leaders in our government, both parties included. I'm sure it wants all it's citizens to vote in Novemeber and to see past the "hot button" issues all the pundits will try to wave in front of everyone, and try to see how as a whole country we could unite and be great again.

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Nice bit. See illustrators, usually can write, too.