Wednesday, July 12, 2006

move over old rabbit logo! Ok, this is part of a new website banner, maybe a little much for a single logo, but this is going to be part of a bigger design... still, me likey! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi Regan
I think your new logo/banner is really cute, but I like the other one as well. I actually think you have a very interesting site. I am a sucker for anything "Alice" related. I especially think your R Magazine is very clever. Just my thoughts, good luck with the "overhaul"

Regan said...

I'm liking the Alice theme, too, and keeping it. In a way it's like I'm having a tea party online, come one come all.

And Alice blends the children's and adult fantasy well, and since there are so many animals in it, it just seemed to sum up my kind of illustration.

I have a truly terrifying portrait of my husband as the mad hatter... it may have to be worked into a special thankyou section... though it may cause nightmares!