Thursday, September 14, 2006

Talking during a movie

Automatic Capital Offense... End of story, vigilanty justice preferred, citizens to be issued katana swords to expidite process.

We went to see The Illusionist, or tried to see it, and two of the unholy trinity of movie-ruiners happened:

  1. Talking during Movie
  2. Sound was messed up
  3. Crying baby (was not present, or I would be blogging on bail)

The two middle aged full bodied women behind us talked the whole movie. No amount of shushing did anything, and I wasn't the only one trying. I mean, if God shushed them with a hurricane, I don't these two would take a hint.

They were like babies, whatever flashed up on the screen prompted them to talk more. It was like "Ooo, is this supposed to be Russia?" "I don't know, Edna, didn't you and Gordy take a trip there?" "No, no, that was Ethel."

They giggled when someone tried to quiet them, like teenagers in studyhall. I couldn't believe how inconsiderate they were. Sooo sickening.

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