Monday, September 04, 2006

When I'm not drawin'

Thought I'd make a note about what else I'm a-doin' when I'm not drawing/painting/digitizing ect...

  1. Reading: I'm currently reading "Snow Crash" by Stephenson (sp?). It's a scifi cyberpunkish read that I'm diggin and I hear they're making a movie of. It was written in '92, but it is pretty insightful. There's this metaverse where people all go online and have avatars that represent them. Governments have all given way to corporations. It's very satirical, but also eerily truthful, too. I'm also rereading the George R. Martin's Songs of Fire and Ice epic mega series of books that are so good I want to stay home from work and read all freakin' day. And the Kim Harrison witch books are great and the most recent one was set on Mackinac Island, so that was a hoot for me.
  2. Movies: Mike's got me on this film course I don't recall signing up for, but oh well. We watched a French film called Cache (there's an accent over the e but I'll be danged if I can figure out how to type that in so use your imagination). It wasn't that great. I did enjoy "A Very Long Engagement" which was Frenchie film. We saw Little Miss Sunshine in the theater and liked it a lot.
  3. Pets: I like to carry the sugar gliders around in my pouch when I know I'll be sitting relatively still, like when I watch tv or check email. Turvy likes to poke her head out and look around, the settles back in. Cooper I take out early in the am when I'm getting ready for work. As I put on makeup he thrashes around my feet like he's Tony Hawk. The big handable lizards get fed by me after work. It has to be their favorite time of day because Brisby's getting the 100% all natural sun in from the window, and then food's delivered and later a sand nap.
  4. Music: I should really find some new sheet music for my electric piano. I go so long sometimes between playing, I basically have to relearn what I already know, then I go a while without playing.
  5. Man, there should really be a five here... like exercising, but God knows it's gotta be cooler than this for me to do anything outside. I'd like 5 to be horseback riding, but it's time consuming (and $ consuming). I guess my 5 has to be going to the dentist which, yes, I get to do again tomorrow. Man, my 5 sucks!
Those 5 things are done in the 5% of my time not at one of the 3 jobs I'm doing, just to give you all perspective. Time for bed (that's #6).

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