Tuesday, September 19, 2006

what's an avatar?

I'm realizing all this avatar talk may be nonsensical to some. I'm posting images here so I can link to them on other sites. They sort of stand in or decorate my profile, so wherever I post, an image shows up.

Here's my profile on the forum I was loading images for:


Just in case some people were confused (...this probably made you more confused!) I get asked every so often if people could use my artwork as their avatars, like I have LBKF in for mine, and I have to say no. Why? Because someone could post a horrible, flaming, racist or crazy comment and then there's my artwork for all the offended to see. Now I only have to watch what I say on forums :)

1 comment:

Shaun said...

Hi Regan,
That's an awesome art blog. I clicked the Picasa site and maybe I can understand the post a pic proceedure a bit easier, thank you for showing this newbie. You do great 2-D.