Friday, October 27, 2006

Texas Book Festival!

When will you be at the festival this weekend? My son is so excited to come down and buy his own copy (the other was from the Library) of Little Bunny Kung Fu I wanted to know if you would be signing copies?
Thanks, and hope to see you this weekend,

This was an email from a parent of a child who will be coming to the book festival starting tomorrow. I needed this email, as I am running around doing a fairly good impression of a chicken sans head!

We had issues with our booth, the tent had no walls and we were working in gale winds (no fun). We learned that the old adage "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" still holds true (or "the bitchy publisher gets what she paid for" saying). I got to face off with the ladies who were half set up in our booth spot, and after much map pointing and huffing, they had to haul their stuff down a ways. That was a organizer foul up, not us but it's more fun to yell at Miriam and me, it seems.

Well, I got work to do. Wish me luck!

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Trace said...

Hi Regan! I don't know if you remember me, but I used to RP with you. I haven't actually been on this computer in a while and I was going through my favorites and found this!

Good luck on the book festival!