Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Birthday

Well, my birthday is this Thursday and I am planning a treat for myself. It might sound sad and pathetic, but I'm going down to San Antonio by myself and going to the zoo.

Hold on, before your berate my husband, let me clarify: I want to go to the San Antonio zoo by myself! Mike and I have gone several times before (it's a great zoo), but the reason I want to go alone is so I can camp out in a spot and paint/draw without my internal clock going "Ok, Mike must be REALLY sick of the flamingos by now." This way I can stay till I'm done, and Mike's never rushed me at any zoo, he likes that I whip out the sketchpad and go to town. He's got a super nice camera, so he spends time photographing animals, too.

But yes, there's only so long you can spend looking at a sleeping ringtail lemur.

I'll be sure to post my birthday paintings here. It'll be my first day "totally off" since I've had those fun bookfairs and conferences. I may underestimate my need for artistic release, thereby given cause for Mike to get the following message from the Director of the San Antonio Zoo:

"Mr. Deutsch: We have tranquilized your wife after she was found fingerpainting the side of the endangered white rhino. We also have reason to believe she's led the white handed gibbons in a Jackson Pollock exercise that our Zoo Keepers are attempting to hose off the front gate. If you could come collect her at your earliest convenience, she keeps mumbling something about 'lizards,' and our reptile collection is too valuable to leave to chance. You don't think she'd try to come back and teach the komodo dragon how to draw, do you?"


Anonymous said...

You are SO FUNNY! I hope you have a wonderful birthday at the zoo. However, you won't be alone, your mom will be there in spirit with you!

I love you, Baby Girl!

Courtney said...

Hope you have a great birthday. I totally understand the need to go somewhere by yourself and sketch. It was nice meeting you at the Austin SCBWI conference. (I was looking up info for blooming press and made my way to your blog, cool work)

Anonymous said...

Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo...............on Thursday your birthday. Do a painting that would make Simon and Garfunkel proud. Paint the annimals in their song "At The Zoo" from their classic "Bookends" album from the 60's. Have a Happy Birthday,
Love ,Dr. Daddy