Saturday, November 18, 2006

Big News! Mike and I have a new puppy! He was born Sept. 1st and we picked him up today. He's an Italian Greyhound aka Iggy/IG, and the pictures here are from picking him up today. We've picked the name Enzo (as shown in his logo below), and the little boy puppy is so precious we feel partial paralysis already! In the pictures, Enzo is the black puppy chewing the blue bone and wearing the red harness. He had a nice family nap while we took care of the paperwork. The adult black, or seal colored it's called, is his mother Kissa His older sister Bella is the white with gray face. His dad, Luke, is in the pile of dogs, he's gray with a white chest. Enzo does have white splotches on his chest and white lil toes on his feet.
Personality wise he takes after his mom, friendly and curious and a little spitfire. I love the Mom and Me picture on the right of them both tugging on a toy (no it's not a two headed dog!). Enzo slept most of the ride home, and then investigated every inch of our house with gusto. He pottied outside, a good start, then crashed with Mike on the couch where they are still. So freakin cute, I wonder whywe waited so long, but I know why we did. I knew when it wasn't the time at the time, and when my puppy biological clock went off, I felt it deep inside that we needed a puppy. Mike agrees and we're both very happy. More pictures to come!

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