Sunday, November 19, 2006

Green Jacket

Mike would like to add the disclaimer, we have to dress our dog in order for it's survival! Since they have no body fat they need a little help. We got Enzo a green courdory jacket.

He's doing great. He seems to have 2 modes, up and chewing or down and napping. He's chewing his toys so it's not a problem, and the napping is precious, he just sort of stops in mid chew and konks out.

And sleeping is fun, too. I've never known a dog breed totally at home sleeping on your face. I'm not joking! We'll get pictures to prove it at some point. He starts out next to you, then stretches his super long limbs and scoots up with them. Then he swerves his horse like long muzzle left or right, and before you know it you have a Iggy stole across your neck, and the little guy is just sawing biscotties. He also stretched his paws down the bed and wound up by our feet. I worry that he'll get too warm, but having so little hair and no jammies he seems right at home.

So the new family member is doing great. I'll try not to neglect my other blog responsibilities, but c'mon! He's so cute!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww...look at the little fellow. Enzo is a cool name too.

lil bro