Sunday, February 25, 2007

The crow flies at dawn

That's an in-joke with my family: My dad called me while I was at college and told me "The academy awards are on tonight" and Jolene, my sorority sister thought it might've been code for something! Like: The crow flies at dawn... that is all...

I love getting calls from my dad every year, letting me know the academy awards are on tonight. And this year, I must say, I don't have that "What-the-bleep" feeling I've had in years past where I felt a really deserving film was totally blown off.

But this year I really liked the Departed. I alone of my friends went and saw the Queen and thought it was deserving. And of course I loved Little Miss Sunshine, too. And I walked out of the theater of the Last King of Scotland thinking no one would pop off the screen like Forrest Whitaker.

I did like Pans Labyrinth, but I told people that while it was good, it wasn't ground breaking. Terry Gilliam had been doing the same in the 80's with films like Brazil and the Adventures of Baron Munchousen (sp?!). Though I really like the director, and it was a really well made movie... I've just been watching films like that longer than the average American movie-goer.

Well, I'm off to bed, but wanted to record my Academy thoughts.

I loved the Tom Hanks response to that crap announcer backstage! Mike wouldn't let me DVR rewind it, but I nearly fell out of my chair!


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