Sunday, February 25, 2007

Houston Photo Mix

Well, the tally is in and we're declaring it a 60/40 good trip vs fiasco, but we squeaked away with a fun trip.

For your consideration:


10% Getting out of Austin!! A really much needed breakup in the monotony.
20% Seeing our friend Chaz again from Boston.
30% Finding out about Petshotel, a doggie day care that's really affordable and has lots of neato perks for the dog, like individual playtime and nice roomy rooms instead of cages.
40% We found an awesome breakfast place called Empire Cafe that let us bring Enzo. We went there twice.
50% The Derek Hotel was amazing, a 4 star hotel that let us have Enzo.
60% Enzo being with us was great, too.


10% Chaz's apartment building had a fire the night before we saw him, and his apartment was on the bottom level where all the water probably went. Though, Chaz's composure was great, much better than mine would be
20% The weather Sat morning was craptastic. We did a lot of driving in the rain with the dog wondering what the heck we could do before we discovered Petshotel.
30% Mike lost his expensive sunglasses at the zoo in what we've reconstructed took 45 seconds for some lowlife to see and grab them before Mike realized they were not in his pocket.
40% In an attempt to end the night cozily, Mike bought some bottles of beer and we watched Stranger than Fiction in bed at the hotel. He sat down on the bed as I was taking a sip and bumped me, chipping my front tooth. (It's not really noticeable, you have to really stare awhile to see it, and now it's worn smooth again).

I hope the percentages are better on our next Houston trip! It's so not that far, Mike and I want to go back and even out the odds!

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Anonymous said...

Just remember, Regan, that it's the things that go wrong that make trips memorable and usually (after a certain amount of time) make for a funny story!

love, Mom