Friday, February 16, 2007

When to not use windshield wiper fluid


Yes, after gassing up this morning before work, I got back on the road and thought, "Hmmm... the light's hitting my dirty windshield making it not ideal to look through (I sound very logical inside my own head), I will use my wiper fluid to clear off the dust and thereby make my viewing of the road and other drivers even better."

Well, what happened is that my wiper fluid froze INSTANTLY to my windshield turning my morning comute into a 65 mph deathtrap. I couldn't see anything, it was like I had cataracts. And I was on a highway that was under construction, so there were no stripes on the road, not that I could see them. I think I relied more on my inner ear and side mirrors than my windshield while I frantically started trying to defrost the windshield. I got a "hole" about the size of a quarter (that's being generous), and I was used that to get over to the right lane and try to slow down and pull over,


No shoulder!! Thank you Texas Highway Commission! Since they were repaving, there was no shoulder to pull off onto, so I drove an alarmingly long way with a small clear spot to see through. I had to relearn how to breathe and wonder at my stupidity.

I hope my guardian angel got time and a half!

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