Wednesday, April 18, 2007

About the Shootings

"A respect should be found, for Life which goes around, and around, and around."
-from Little Bunny Kung Fu

Stories like this remind me of the concerns I've had that led to writing a simple story with an important theme: Respect for Life.

When people lose their worth in their own eyes and in eyes of others, this kind of horrible thing is what happens. These victims weren't people in the eyes of the killer, they were a body count and the higher the better. You couldn't have ANY respect for life, his or theirs, and be able to do this.

I hope we're able to teach children to respect life. I know there's a lot of adult entertainment out there that does not reinforce that, but if we can reach children when they're young, they have a better chance of assimilating what comes as they mature.

Ok, now I'm stepping off my soap dish... er, box.

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