Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet Fergus

Another year, another picture book! This is the character study for Fergus the Ferret. He is a little ferret from Scotland who gets a postcard from his cousins and takes a trip to North America to find them, but he always just misses them. The publisher is going to go ahead and have little plush dolls made like we did Little Bunny Kung Fu. (Yeah!)

The plaid in his hat, scarf and kilt I have tried and failed to paint. Even doing it slowly in layers of watercolor, it would turn to mush, and the precision that makes plaid... um, plaid is lost, so I contrived a way to do it digitally. And just to point out, I did make that plaid digitally myself. So I can enlarge, shrink and stretch it however I need to. It wasn't a great time saver over painting, but I'm happier with the results... though I may loathe plaid for the rest of my life after this book!


Regan said...


He will have feet! I just ran out of paper for this study.

Anonymous said...

You did a very nice job on the plaid Regan. The ferret looks great.