Saturday, April 07, 2007

Read it again, Bunny Lady!

I had a couple of book signings/storytimes this week. Each went great and it was fun to be an author. At Sunset valley's BN I signed a book to another Regan, so that was neat. She and her brother are interested in writing and art. The signing today was fun, we had cupcakes and an easter egg hunt, which we gave a plush bunny away as a prize (it was the last egg found, talk about suspense).

Then the cutest thing, the little boy stayed afterward and asked me to read it again! I had a Wedding Crashers moment (Make me a bike, clown!) but the kid was adorable, so I got to do an encore.

And now it's sleeting?!? Maybe we'll do another egg hunt inside tomorrow! Brrrr!

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