Tuesday, October 09, 2007

24 Hour Comic Challenge

Well, I'm officially signed up for an international event that Austin is participating in called 24 Hour Comic Day (http://24hourcomics.com/). Artists start at 12:00 noon October 20th and go for 24 straight hours to create 24 pages of a finished comic to be turned in at noon October 21st. Nuts, isn't it! That may not sound like much, but it's the equivalent to a triathlon in cartooning terms. And the other fun part is you come up with it on the spot, and I'm purposefully not working on a storyline because I want it to be spontaneously caught on that day. I do think I'll base it on poison dart frogs because I've been researching them, and they're fresh in my mind (and fun to draw). What they'll do or talk about is anyone's guess!

Another fun part will be seeing other artists banging out their work alongside me. The Austin Museum of Art is hosting it and will provide space, snacks, and security during the wee small hours. How long has it been since I've been to a lock in?! (Actually... several of us in my major at Baylor would hide when they closed the art building, wait for the cleaning staff to lock up and leave then we'd pull an all nighter in the printshop and darkroom. That was a blast! Sneaking around with flashlights and code signals. Though mixing developing fumes with alcohol is not advisable!)

So think of me on the 20th, going all iron man on a comic that I promise to share here. The best of the best get published in an anthology, too, so who knows!

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