Sunday, October 21, 2007

6 hours to go...

I don't think I'll finish in the timeline. That's not a real big deal, and there are lots of others in the same boat. The deal is I don't want to sacrifice the quality just to get it done. I'll be plenty impressed with myself if I just work for 24 hours.

I'm on page 14 artwork wise, but Photoshop started crapping out on text and may need to be re-installed, so getting the type/dialog done is iffy.

My brain's just turning to mush. Been listening to some comedians, Stephen Colbert's new book has made me laugh out loud, but it's so late that no one thinks much of it.

I'm not sleepy, which is weird at 6:16 am in the morning, having worked nonstop for 16 hours. Yeesh! I'm nuts.

Ok, on I go...

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