Friday, October 26, 2007

Check out my Comic!

Yeah! I finally got the comic I worked on last weekend (19 hours straight, sorry, still sorta raw), and it's on my first official webcomic site:

It takes a little poking around to figure out how to navigate. Look for the "You are Here" box under the comments box (feel free to comment!). Once you see the You are Here field you can go from whatever my last page was and got to the beginning (Chapter 1). After you read the previous pages, the idea is that you'd bookmark the site (please do!), and when you check back in the newest page will be waiting for you.

After you activate the page you on by hitting "Go" or scrolling up to whatever page you want, there are some traditional buttons like forward, back, first, and last you can also use to move around. You'll get the hang of it (I mean, if I could anyone can!)

Hope you like it! :) I"ll be adding more on Monday's and we'll see where it goes.

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