Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another TX Book Festival!

I'm having one of those "It's been a year already?!" days, where I realize how fast time flies. Seems like yesterday I was going to my first TX book festival and seeing Little Bunny Kung Fu early that Saturday morning for the first time, and trying not to lose it in front of the publisher, when inside I was caught between crying and shrieking.

Today was my third festival, and people came up to me while I was signing to tell me how they'd bought my book the year before and that it'd been a big hit (always fun to hear). We also heard that some signed books bought the year before brought in some big money for silent auctions they were featured in, which is great! And I'd say about a quarter of my sales today were repeat customers, one lady who almost kept the first book I'd signed for her last year, but I'd signed it to "Monica" so this year the book was for her! Those were fun folks to talk to, and they are all excited to see my next book(s) next year.

I will say, not be negative, but the TX book festival didn't get the advertising/buzz it had in years past. Jenna Bush and Kristin Gore were the headliners, but Jenna had a book signing in town just a few weeks ago. I think attendance was down today, too, but then it would when it wasn't advertised like before. I hope it's not a downward trend, because it is fun, and people really do want the festival. People from Corpus Cristi drive all the way in for it.

Well, now if feels like the holidays are upon us with the festival behind me. Whew! That year went FAST!

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