Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Birthday Wish

Yes, another year rolled by on the odometer this week, and my wish?

That People Stop Talking Through Movies in Theaters!!!

Now, that makes me sound petty, but I'm serious, it's pandemic here in Austin. And it's not like the talking in movies that I occasionally came across growing up. I don't know if Netflix or home movie watching is changing the etiquette of how people watch movies in public, but I'm paying money I worked hard for in one of my 3 jobs, and I didn't pay for the Dumbass Commentary to be playing in the seats behind me, thankyouverymuch.

What's it come to? Am I supposed to field the occupants of the seats behind us: "Hi, yes, we don't know each other, but would you say you like to run your mouth through films?" Or, Mike suggests, we make our own signs that golf officials use in tournaments "Quiet please" and then don't put them down to they do what it says (has potential).

As it is, we've already given the mindless masses the weekends and early shows, knowing that either infants or chair climbing toddlers are going to ruin it for us. So we go to the art house theaters, or a late show and crawl into bed after midnight, all because we just want to watch a movie on the big screen without someone's verbal flatulence wafting our way.

There. Is the birthday fairy listening?! Yeesh.

ps Gone Baby Gone is a great movie, just de-select the Clueless Old Ladies Commentary when you go see it.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Reminds of a funny scene in Scary Movie

-lil bro