Sunday, August 06, 2006

Putting Lizards to Work

It occurred to me while I was cleaning the cages that these little lizards should really be pulling their own weight a little more. I mean, sure, they're cute and provide hours of entertainment and fascination, but I got electric bills to pay (for their heat lamps!), so I'm putting the little critters to work.

I've come up with a graphic novel based on lizards. In short it's called "Camp Lizard" or tentatively "Letters from Camp Lizard." Dunno which I'll go with yet. But in the story, Leon goes off to camp and gets to know his cabin mates (the gila monster, chameleon and a frill neck dragon (not shown yet). The camp exists to give lizards a chance to meet lizards from all over the world and see how they are different from them and how lizards have adapted to almost every kind of environment. Also, there could be competitions between cabins and with the nearby Camp Amphib.

I think it's a chance to cover lots of topics with kids, like understanding of other people, nature lessons, competitiveness, trust, ect... And best I'm starting with the notion of low-tech drawing. I'm purposely drawing with a marker to keep it simple.

So this is the 8th or 9th iron in the fire, but it's got me intrigued. And all the lizards want to me to do it (the beardie's insisted on being a camp counselor in it).

Look for sketches to follow, they're too fun to horde to myself.

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