Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is called Platypus Wuss, and it's an idea that's rumbling in my noggin. I'd like to write a story about how kids tease someone for being a wuss. Something happens where the wuss saves the day for being himself (maybe the other kids do something way too dangerous, so the wuss is left to rescue them). So in the platypus case, it'd be maybe a koala, wallaby and a wombat that are teasing him. I also just like the refrain: "Platypus Wuss, Oh, Platypus Wuss... No bigger Wuss then our Platypus Wuss!" *sung to the tune of "Galaxy Glue" from the film the Incredible Shrinking Woman (egads, who remembers that movie?! Mom?!?)*  Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hey Regan...I think the Platapuss Wuss is a cute idea for a story! I like both sketches you did of the platapuss and the koala. Maybe you really should seriously write a book with these characters.