Thursday, August 31, 2006

snakes on a plane

*Sigh* Could've been better, but I had to see it. I like the idea of a crazy, campy, hokey movie if it's done right, and they fell just a little short. It's amazing how much a movie can change from script to finish, even how much it changes after all the film is shot. I think the studio got nervous and tried to make it more dramatic when they should have left it more screwball and jumpy.

AND... grrr.... they had a cornsnake casted as on the poisonous snakes, and if by that they meant they'd kill passengers with kindness and their nice manners then I guess that's fine. Not to mention the anaconda they CGed that had 18 teeth (snakes have two big teeth called fangs, might've heard of them).

Oh well, maybe next time :)


Anonymous said...

You knew it had to happen...people selling "Hogs on a Plane" T-shirts at the Razorback game. Oh, and every plane I traveled on had that one joker that would ask the flight attendant which snakes they were serving. (eye roll)
But if you're wanting to see a really good plane movie, you and Mike should check out Flyboys coming out later this month.

Anonymous said...

this was lil bro by the way.