Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Camp Lizard Crede

This single page image sort of sums up my message in the Letters from Camp Lizard graphic novel. It's about lizards from all over the world coming together for summer camp. But why come to camp? What's the point? My answer is that lizards live on all the world's continents (except antartica, and I'm sure some are working on that), and no matter how different looking or strange they may appear to each other: they are all lizards. I want kids to see that people live all over the world and our customs and beliefs may be different, but we're all human, too, and by learning about each other we learn more about ourselves.

This also sets the stage for some of the activities at Camp Lizard: There'll be desert survival task, a flying lesson (there's gotta be Mr. Orville and Wilbur, the Camp Flying Instructors now that I've drawn the flying lizard here), an underground and underwater exercise, and some kind of climbing and camoflauge lesson.

The lizard doing the talking is Mr. Tuatara, the camp director. The camp takes place on the one island off the coast of New Zealand that this species of lizard is found. His story is that since his species of lizards haven't changed since the prehistoric eras, he started the camp to show all the other lizards how they've adapted to the world.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas plus great artistic talent equals great success. Should sell like hotcakes.
Love, Dr Daddy.