Friday, January 26, 2007

Catalog 07

This is the cover design that I have done that we may use for this year's catalog. The way I came up with it is worth noting for my own reflection and a good lesson for the future.

Sometimes I get an idea in my head, but no matter how many tries it's just not coming out the way I wanted. I still like the idea, so I don't want to bail on it. Then sometimes while I'm telling myself all the reasons I like the idea, another way to do the same idea pops out and whamo, there we go.

This design started with me wanting to do a collage of all the book covers coming out this year to communicate to people that we're an up and coming publisher with a ton of books coming out. Well the images in the covers were all wonderful, but put together became a train wreck of epic proportions! So while I was going "Here's a YA, here's a picture book, here's a graphic novel" with the covers, I decided to just say that with words.

Another consideration is that I want to bang the logo into everything in the catalog this year to build it's recognizeability in the eyes of the people getting the catalog.

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